Bluesky: A New Social Layer Of The Internet2 min read


Remember the days of endless scrolling and witty wordplay on Twitter? Now, imagine a social app that is focused on decentralization and user control. Bluesky is that social media app. Let’s take a look at the platform and see if it lives up to the hype.

Similarities to the familiar:

  • Tweet-like interface: 256 characters, replies, likes, and a familiar newsfeed – Twitter and Bluesky feel similar.
  • Growing community: With millions of users and big names already onboard, you’re not venturing into a ghost town.

The “bluer” side of things:

  • Decentralization: No more bowing to the whims of a single company. Bluesky aims to empower communities to build their own spaces within the network.
  • Open source development: Transparency into how the platform is built fosters trust and allows for community-driven innovation. Take a look at their GitHub page.
  • Customizable feeds: Tailor your experience by subscribing to algorithms that curate content you truly want to see.

Other things to consider:

  • New kid on the block: Compared to Twitter’s established features like DMs and advanced filtering, Bluesky feels bare-bones.
  • Security concerns: While efforts are ongoing, Bluesky potentially doesn’t yet match the robust security systems of bigger platforms.
  • Moderation woes: Accusations of failing to protect marginalized users and tackle harmful content raise concerns, also when spreading false news or propaganda. In contrast, community notes on Twitter feels like a great feature.

Is it worth it?

That depends. If you yearn for a Twitter-like experience with a decentralized twist and are willing to embrace a growing platform with kinks to iron out, Bluesky might be your place. But if you crave established features and a large social graph, you might want to wait and see how Bluesky evolves.

Remember, social media is a double-edged sword. Whether Bluesky becomes a utopia or just another echo chamber remains to be seen. The true test lies in its ability to balance user control with effective moderation, all while fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. Some users start to use both apps, while others post on every real-time news platform including Threads or Nostr client Damus.

Try out Bluesky for iPhone by downloading the app here. What are your thoughts on Bluesky?

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