Setapp Goes Mobile with a Newly Announced Beta Version in the EU2 min read

MacPaw_Setapp Mobile

MacPaw, a renowned macOS and iOS software developer, has announced the beta release of Setapp mobile in the EU, set to launch this April. This marks a significant stride towards a fairer, more innovative, and user-focused app ecosystem.

Setapp, known for its curated collection of Mac and iPhone apps, introduces the first subscription-based platform that aligns rewards with app usage and market value, fostering a thriving environment for developers. Now, Setapp extends its reach directly to iOS devices, promising users a seamless experience and developers a supportive platform for their creations.

MacPaw Setapp

Oleksandr Kosovan, CEO and Founder of MacPaw, stated, “We are forging a new path for the software industry towards a richer and more diverse app ecosystem. Setapp promises users more choices and an enhanced overall experience, offering tools that streamline workflows, ignite creativity, and amplify impact.”

For users, Setapp offers a streamlined experience with a single subscription to a curated collection of premium macOS and iOS apps, free from ads and in-app purchases. Updates are free, ensuring users always have access to the latest features.

The beta version will feature a handpicked selection of apps across various categories, including productivity, creativity, lifestyle, utilities, and specialized professional tools. Users interested in accessing Setapp Mobile can join the waitlist for an exclusive opportunity to shape the future of iOS apps.

Moreover, MacPaw invites iOS developers to join the Setapp Mobile community, emphasizing values of innovation, fairness, and long-term user satisfaction. Developers eager to contribute to Setapp on iOS can apply through the platform. Subscribe to Setapp here, and get access to the best Mac and iOS apps. This includes MacPaw’s own apps like Gemini.

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