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Remember the frantic last-minute emails? The endless guest list wrangling? The “did I invite Tom?” panic attacks? Yeah, those days are so over. Luma transforms event planning from a chore into a breeze. Buckle up, event people, because this iPhone app is about to revolutionize your event life!


Create event pages in a flash

No more design-challenged flyers! Luma offers trove of pre-made cover images, from simple cocktail party posters to fun BBQ invites. Simply pick your favorite, add the event details, and voila! You’ve got a beautiful page that’ll have everyone RSVPing.


Invite like a pro

Ditch the group texts and individual invites. Luma lets you sync your contacts and fire off mass SMS blasts in seconds. Feeling fancy? Create personalized email invites within the iPhone app. Plus, say goodbye to forgetting past guests – Luma remembers them all for you!

Connect easily

No more awkward “find me on social media”. Luma brings real-life connections by letting you chat with other attendees directly within the iPhone app. Strike up a conversation, make new friends, and build your network – all without leaving the event vibe.

Check in guests

Worried about headcount? Luma’s got your back with a built-in QR code scanner and check-in system. Guests simply show their code, and you’re good to go. Feeling overwhelmed? Add co-hosts to share the check-in duties and manage the event together.

Discover hidden gems

Beyond planning your own events, Luma unlocks a world of exciting local events. From running clubs to tech meetups, there’s something for everyone. Subscribe to calendars you dig, discover hidden gems, and make new friends who share your passions.

Luma is more than just an iPhone app for events. It can be your place for all events. It takes the pain out of planning, fuels genuine connections, and helps you discover new experiences. So ditch the stress, embrace the fun, and download Luma for iPhone today!

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