Play Games and Earn Bitcoin with sMiles Arcade3 min read


Bitcoin is exciting not only because it is considered digital gold, but also because many iPhone apps make it fun and more accessible. sMiles is one of the best iPhone apps to start earning Bitcoin instantly and without having to directly buy it.


As most people know, today there are many ways to buy Bitcoin, on exchanges like Coinbase, and Binance, at banks such as Revolut, or even through ETFs. But how can you simply earn it? We previously wrote about how sMiles for iPhone makes it possible to earn Bitcoin by walking, filling out a survey, shopping with Bitcoin as cashback, or by walking to certain Bitcoinverse locations (which by the way is very similar to Pokémon GO).


Now sMiles launched a new Bitcoin earning feature called Arcade. The concept is very simple, download and play new games from the Arcade catalogue of games, and you’ll be rewarded with Bitcoin, based on what level you achieve in the game. Now that is interesting because you might discover actually fun games, and best of all you will be rewarded with Bitcoin for playing these games. There are hundreds of games to choose from. How exciting is that?

sMiles Arcade games are constantly updated and refreshed with new games. This ensures that you’ll find a game that you’d be interested in playing. The current minimum threshold that lets you withdraw your Bitcoin earnings from sMiles through the Lightning Network, is 1,000 sats ($0.52). You can withdraw your Bitcoin rewards to any Bitcoin wallet or exchange that support the Lightning Network, e.g. on Binance.

In case you were wondering how to convert a satoshi, the smallest unit of a Bitcoin to USD, you can use the Kraken conversion tool. Each Bitcoin has 100,000,000 satoshis or sats.

If you want to get started with earning Bitcoin for walking and playing games, download sMiles for your iPhone here for free.

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