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Are you ready to explore the fascinating realm of Bitcoin and earn rewards as you expand your knowledge? Then check out the Bitcoin Magazine App for iPhone – an innovative app that enables you to read, learn, and accumulate Bitcoin rewards all in one convenient platform!


With the Bitcoin Magazine App, you can earn Bitcoin by engaging with various types of content. Stay up-to-date with the most recent Bitcoin news articles, watch engaging live streams, join in on exciting giveaways, fill out surveys, and more. Think of it like cash-back rewards, but you’re earning Bitcoin instead of dollars or points! The best part is that the Bitcoin Magazine App is available for free.

There are a few ways to earn with the app:

  1. Engage with articles: Learn about the latest news, educational resources, and cultural aspects of Bitcoin while earning sats. Visit the app daily for fresh content and begin accumulating sats as you learn and grow.
  2. Connect on Twitter: Interested in earning even more rewards? Every Friday, there are “flash codes” on the Twitter account @earnwithbm
  3. Enroll in a free course: Delve into Bitcoin fundamentals and earn up to 2,100 sats with our Bitcoin Basics email course available at b.tc/21days.
  4. Subscribe to the newsletter: Stay in the loop about exclusive earning opportunities like complimentary courses, surveys, and Bitcoin-themed events that provide additional earning boosts for active app users.

“Sats” represent the smallest fraction of a Bitcoin, similar to pennies within a dollar. A single Bitcoin is comprised of 100,000,000 sats. Named after Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, “sats” is short for “satoshis.” If you’re a Bitcoin novice, the Bitcoin Magazine App is an ideal way to learn and start earning your first sats.

The Bitcoin Magazine App is not a Bitcoin wallet, and users cannot send funds directly to the app. The primary focus is to offer users the best learning and earning opportunities.

After accumulating enough sats, you can withdraw them to your personal lightning-enabled Bitcoin wallet such as Wallet of Satoshi or Muun Wallet.

Dive into the captivating world of Bitcoin and enhance your understanding with the Bitcoin Magazine App for iPhone. This great Bitcoin app provides a comprehensive way to learn about Bitcoin while earning valuable rewards. Download the app today and embark on your journey to becoming a Bitcoin connoisseur!

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