Arc Search Might be the Future of iPhone Browsing with AI2 min read


Arc Search, the second app from The Browser Company, is redefining mobile browsing for iPhone users. This iPhone app is more than just a search engine. It’s an AI-powered browser that changes how we interact with the web.

With the “Browse for Me” feature, Arc Search improves the search experience. Instead of presenting a list of links, it curates a comprehensive webpage on your search query, delivering relevant information. Whether you’re inquiring about a sports game or the latest celebrity news, Arc Search compiles and summarizes data from many web sources, offering a great overview of a search in seconds.


This app signifies a shift in web browsing. It combines the functionality of a browser, search engine, and AI assistant into a single, cohesive platform.

Moreover, Arc Search is an integral part of the Arc ecosystem. It’s a leap from being a mere companion app to a standalone, cross-platform experience, thanks to the Arc syncing feature. This transition marks the app’s evolution into a full-fledged, AI-enhanced browsing solution.

While still perfecting its features like source citation, Arc Search’s AI, developed with inputs from OpenAI, is quickly improving. This continuous improvement is central to its functionality, offering users a simple, beautiful, and yet powerful browsing tool.

Key features of Arc Search include an auto-up keyboard for quick searching, ad and tracker blocking for a clean browsing experience, and a reader mode to reduce distractions. These elements, combined with the AI-driven “Browse for Me” feature, make Arc Search a design-first, and forward-thinking solution for web users.

In a nutshell, Arc Search is a superior iPhone web browsing experience. By integrating AI as the core, Arc Search is set up well for the future of search and content discovery. Download the app here for your iPhone here for free.

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