7 Genius Ways to Free Up iCloud Storage2 min read


Is your iCloud storage bursting at the seams? It’s time to take charge and free up valuable space to ensure seamless syncing and backups across your Apple devices. Dive into these seven smart strategies to declutter your iCloud and optimize its storage capacity for smoother operations.

  1. Manage iCloud Backups: Review your iCloud backups regularly and delete old backups of devices you no longer use or need. Navigate to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Backups to identify and remove unnecessary backups.
  2. Optimize Photo Library: Enable iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Photo Sharing to store your photos and videos in the cloud while freeing up space on your devices. Additionally, utilize the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option to keep lower-resolution versions on your device while storing the full-resolution originals in iCloud.
  3. Review iCloud Drive: Explore your iCloud Drive and assess which files and folders are taking up the most space. Delete redundant or outdated documents, and consider transferring large files to local storage or other cloud services.
  4. Streamline iCloud Mail: Clear out your iCloud Mail by deleting old emails, attachments, and spam. Create folders to organize important emails and regularly empty the Trash to reclaim space in your iCloud storage.
  5. Manage iCloud Drive App Data: Some apps automatically store data in your iCloud Drive, contributing to its storage usage. Review and delete app data that you no longer need or use. Navigate to Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > Manage Storage > Apps to manage app data individually.
  6. Limit iCloud Photo Sharing: If you frequently share photos and videos using iCloud Photo Sharing, consider managing shared albums more efficiently. Remove outdated content and limit the number of shared albums to conserve iCloud storage space.
  7. Check iCloud Usage: Keep track of your iCloud storage usage regularly to identify any sudden spikes or unexpected storage consumption. Monitor which apps and services are using the most iCloud storage and take necessary actions to optimize their usage.

By implementing these seven expert tips, you can effectively declutter your iCloud storage and ensure smooth synchronization and backups across your Apple devices. Stay proactive in managing your iCloud storage to prevent it from reaching its limits and enjoy uninterrupted access to your data anytime, anywhere. Also stay tuned for the upcoming iOS 17.4 update, which will bring many improvements.

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