Apple Redefines “Air”: iPad Pro Now the Lighter Model2 min read

In a surprising turn of events, Apple’s latest iPad announcement unveiled a significant shift in design philosophy. The new iPad Pro models, dubbed “thinpossible” by Apple, are now the thinnest iPads ever made. This focus on slimness comes at a cost, however, with the new iPad Pros actually weighing less than their iPad Air counterparts.

Previously, the “Air” moniker clearly indicated a lighter and slimmer device compared to the Pro line. This is no longer the case. The 11-inch iPad Pro comes in at a remarkable 5.3mm thin, while the 13-inch model is even thinner at a barely-there 5.1mm. For comparison, the iPod nano, once known for its pocket-friendly size, was 5.4mm thick. The iPad Air models come in slightly thicker at 6.1mm.

This difference in thickness translates to a weight advantage for the Pro as well. The 11-inch iPad Pro weighs a mere 0.98 pounds (444 grams), while the 13-inch iPad Air comes in at a heavier 1.36 pounds (617 grams).

It appears Apple is prioritizing thinness for the Pro line, likely targeting users who value portability above all else. The iPad Air, while still light, seems to be taking a new position as a more affordable option with a focus on core features. Whether this new direction resonates with consumers remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: the iPad landscape has gotten a bit more interesting.

This focus on extreme thinness in the Pro line could be a glimpse into the future of Apple’s tablets. For now, however, it seems Apple is reserving this exclusive design feature for the premium Pro tier. This could incentivize users who crave the ultimate in portability and cutting-edge design to opt for the Pro line, further solidifying its position at the forefront of Apple’s iPad offerings.

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