Here Are The 4 Best Apple Vision Pro Apps3 min read

Apple’s Vision Pro is still 2 weeks out from official release, but third-party developers have already begun confirming their apps’ participation on the new spatial platform. We’ve compiled a list of the ten most innovative and entertaining third-party vision pro apps at this stage.

1: Fruit Ninja

The most immersive Fruit Ninja to date is coming to Apple Vision Pro early next month. One of the main challenges of the studio was deciding the input method to interact with the fruit. While the studio experimented with a variety of hand motions and weapons, hands prevailed. Just make sure you’ve got some space in front of you!

2: djay

djay on Vision Pro offers a windowed view, a shared space that brings 3D turntables into your environment, and several forms of full immersion. The developers have said that it’s less about, ‘Let’s give people bells and whistles,’ and more, ‘Let’s let them have this experience.’

3: Encounter Dinosaurs

“Encounter Dinosaurs, a new app by Apple that ships with Apple Vision Pro, lets users to interact with giant, three-dimensional reptiles as if they are bursting through their own physical space. Users can peer into the Cretaceous, a period more than 66 million years old, where dinosaurs roamed the earth and Mother Nature reigned supreme.

4: Lowe

With this new app for Vision Pro, you will soon be able to view 3d home appliances in your living space without leaving your couch. Lowe’s new spatial app allows you to redesign your space in a highly interactive manner. Swap out your fridge, add chairs, or spice up your space. Users will be immersed in all the creative options.

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