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If you’ve ever dreamed of a world where learning languages, math, and music could all coexist within the same app on your iPhone, your dream has just become a reality. Duolingo, the beloved language-learning app, has just expanded its horizons to include Math and Music, offering you a diverse and immersive learning experience right at your fingertips.

The Journey So Far

Eleven years ago, Duolingo set out on a mission to democratize education, making quality learning accessible to people all over the world. Their initial focus was on languages because they understood the incredible power that learning a new language can bring—economic opportunities, new connections, and a broader world perspective.

Over the years, Duolingo’s unique approach, featuring bite-sized lessons, gamified elements, and memorable characters, has proven that learning can be not only effective but also enjoyable. The app’s millions of users have experienced personal growth, formed new friendships, and even embarked on entirely new career paths.

The Expanding Universe of Duolingo

The demand for more subjects and learning opportunities within the Duolingo iPhone app has been growing steadily. Users have been yearning for the ability to learn subjects beyond languages, and Duolingo has listened to these requests.


Now, the Duolingo iPhone app experience has expanded to include Math and Music, both subjects that transcend cultural boundaries and offer incredible potential for personal growth, opportunities, and connections. What’s more, these subjects align perfectly with Duolingo’s signature teaching method, ensuring that the learning experience remains fun and effective.

What’s in It for You?

With Math and Music incorporated into the Duolingo iPhone app, the possibilities for learning are more extensive than ever. You can seamlessly switch between these three subjects, just as you toggle between language courses. Your learning streak remains unbroken, whether you’re practicing Math one day or indulging in a French lesson the next.

This expansion isn’t merely about introducing new subjects; it signifies an evolution in the Duolingo experience. You can now enjoy Quests and leaderboards, making your learning journey even more engaging.

You can download the iPhone app here fore free.

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