Driving Into the Future with CarPlay and iOS 172 min read


Apple’s CarPlay, the vehicle-friendly interface for iOS, was surprisingly overlooked during the WWDC 2023 keynote. However, it seems Apple’s silence doesn’t mean stagnation. While iOS 17 isn’t shaking things up much for CarPlay, two significant enhancements are on the way: SharePlay integration and support for electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging infrastructure.

Improvements of EV owners

One of the biggest challenges for EV drivers is finding an available charging station, especially when they’re in an unfamiliar area. Fortunately, Apple Maps is stepping up its game with real-time EV charging station data. Now, not only will it guide you to the nearest charger, but it will also offer real-time charging status and filter results according to your preferred charging networks. This update will extend to Apple Maps on CarPlay, improving the driving experience for those with an eco-conscious commute. Although this might not be as comprehensive as full EV routing, currently only available on a select few models like Ford Mustang Mach-E and Porsche Taycan, it’s a considerable leap forward for Apple Maps and a great relief for EV drivers.



Adding to the excitement, SharePlay, Apple’s innovative feature, is coming to CarPlay. The traditional dispute over who controls the road trip soundtrack will be a thing of the past, as SharePlay allows passengers to connect and contribute to the playlist. The seamless integration of this feature with Apple Music is expected, and it’s anticipated that Spotify will join the party soon. Plus, with iOS 17’s new AirDrop update facilitating device proximity activation, setting up SharePlay should be easier than ever.

Despite the anticipation surrounding CarPlay 2.0, announced at WWDC 2022 as a substantial overhaul transitioning from a mere app to complete control over the car’s computer systems, the latest WWDC had no further updates. With this promised revamp, Siri would be able to modify in-car settings, like adjusting the AC, and provide real-time readings of an EV’s battery level. Despite several automobile manufacturers signing up for this upgrade, the absence of news at the developer conference suggests a delay.

In a nutshell

While iOS 17 might not be the year of a revolutionary CarPlay metamorphosis, the new additions promise to enhance the driving experience, particularly for EV users and music lovers. Until CarPlay 2.0 takes the center stage, these advancements will keep us intrigued and engaged on the road. For the adventurous, the iOS 17 beta is available for download, offering a sneak peek into the future of in-car infotainment.

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