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If you’re looking for a habit-tracking app that is engaging and fun to use, look no further than (Not Boring) Habits. This iPhone app from Andy Works is designed to make tracking and building new habits feel like a game, with its use of 3D graphics, vibrant colors, and interactive elements.

One of the standout features of (Not Boring) Habits is its striking monochrome aesthetic, which is shot through with flashes of bright colors that make the app pop. The simple animations and design elements are visually appealing, which makes the app all the more enjoyable to use.

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The iPhone app is easy to use, with the user simply adding a new habit they’d like to track, and setting a daily reminder. When the reminder pops up, the user can tap and hold the notification to complete the task and earn a burst of haptic feedback. Each day that the user completes the task, they earn a bit more of a 3D trophy that needs to be “completed” to move onto the next level. The experience almost feels like moving through an adventure game, with levels that have names such as The Lost Forest and The Chasm.

While the app offers new skins that can be “earned” through use or bought with a one-time payment, the subscriptions to all of the (Not Boring) apps in the series can be a bit pricey. However, the iPhone app’s positivity-focused approach to habit-tracking is refreshing. The app doesn’t focus on streaks, and it doesn’t mind if you miss a day or fail to complete a task. It’s all about keeping track of the times that you do make progress, and ignoring the rest. The developer’s philosophy is to “not focus on the goal but falling in love with the journey.”

Overall, (Not Boring) Habits is a fun and engaging way to build and track new habits. While it may not be the most fully-featured habit tracker on the App Store, its unique approach to habit-building is sure to make the journey more enjoyable. If you’re tired of boring habit-tracking apps, (Not Boring) Habits may be just what you need to make the process more fun and rewarding.

Download the (Not Boring) Habits iPhone app here for free.

PS: (Not Boring) Habits is also an Apple Design Award Winner of 2022!

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