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  • Have an app idea and know how to make the app successful? May be someone has already made a basis for your app and is looking to sell it.
  • There are a lot of apps in App Store, which came close to greatness and require just a touch up (PR, marketing, design) to become bestsellers.

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  • Have a great app but do not have much time to promote and support it? With App Marketplace you may find a new home for your app.
  • Have a technology savvy app, which can become a base for number of other great apps? List your engine for sale at App Marketplace.

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Updated Aug 29, 2013

Monitor your home or office remotely at any time right on your mobile! Mobiscope brings everything that matters to you to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (Android devices are supported as well). Use this app to connect to your home webcams and view your family, friends and pets while you're at work, on a business trip, or having the time of your life on vacation. With Mobiscope, mobile video surveillance turns into a home security solution. The application alerts you by email and starts recording when suspicious motion is detected. You can view live video of your house on your smartphone, see your kids playing in the nursery, or playback recordings at any time. It's best for homeowners and small businesses. It's affordable and easy to use. And it's free to try.


Updated Apr 18, 2014

Sunoguides is an iPhone based Audio Guide for Monuments. It can be
used in a map mode or list mode. The map mode uses the GPS to track
the user in the monument. In list mode, the user can select the audio
based on photographs (good for indoors where GPS would fail or for
ipod users). Currently, the app has been used to create an Audio guide
for Qutab Minar in India. The same engine can be used to generate
Audioguides for monuments around the world. Open to a model where you
provide the content and marketing. I create the app for the monument
of your choice using the existing engine. Revenue share model or flat
fee model can be worked out. Android app version to be done soon.

Missile o Mine is a fun game. It has a very similar game engine as Flight Control(The one with over 2 million downloads). You drag your finger to destroy enemies and can choose between missiles and torpedoes while at sea. This is a great game to start or improve your iPhone development skills.
Game has three game modes/levels with very neat graphics and sounds!! Price is very accesible.


Updated Apr 18, 2014

App Idea Pro is the essential tool for app developers. And it's a lot of fun for anyone else with a cool idea. Get live feedback on your app ideas with the first market research app for the App Store. iPhone users around the world will rate and comment on your ideas.
The app was released on December 21, 2009. At present, there are 3421 registered users and 1454 idea submission in the database. On Thursday, March 4, App Idea Pro ranked as follows in the App Store's Business category: #5 in the USA, #4 in Canada, #3 in Taiwan, #3 in Korea, #6 in Hong Kong, #7 in Malaysia, #9 in Ireland, #10 in the Netherlands, and within the top #25 in twenty-one other countries. These rankings beat similar idea apps, including Appswell, by over 300 positions.

Barcode Reader is an accurate barcode scanner with product search in eBay, Amazon, Google Product Search and others.
The app has about 4K downloads per day, total number of downloads exceeds 1M. Barcode Reader uses user's location to find product prices in nearby shops. Besides scanning barcodes, the app allows users search product by title.

Full list of supported networks:

TheFind.com - global and local search
Worldcat.org - book search in local libraries
Walmart.com - local search
Shopzilla.com - global search
Google Product Search - global search
eBay.com - global search
Amazon.com - global search
FatSecret.com - nutrition facts

Barcode Reader may be purchased with source code.

The most realistic helihopter simulator in AppStore.
The app may be purchased with source code as an engine for your own flight simulator games. Created by a professional pilot, it has unique flight physics which works with actual aerodynamic characteristics of the planes.



Updated Jan 23, 2010

Mortal Skies is a classic vertical scroller shooting game for iPhone ans iPod Touch.
The game offers 7 levels, unlockable planes and a bonuslevel. The planes and levels are unlocked with earning achievements.
It has state of the art 3d rendered graphics and backgrounds.

Mortal Skies may be purchased with source code as an engine for your own shooter games.



Updated Mar 19, 2010

Most realistic flight simulator in AppStore.

The app may be purchased with source code as an engine for your own flight simulator games.

Created by a professional pilot, it has unique flight physics which works with actual aerodynamic characteristics of the planes.

Wide selection of routes filled with crazy stunt tasks, as well as a range of planes from the single engine Cessna to a military jet.

Social ice-breaker that matches any picture you take to a similar looking animal. It creates a short animation showing the similarities between the picture and the animal. Fun for kids of all ages. All phone-based (no server component) and includes the ability to create your own picture set to match against. Currently includes quattro wireless ads and Chomp integration.
Released in December 2009
3000 downloads (conservative approximate) and ongoing downloads around 300 per month
Fully approved by Apple, on iTunes. Available with source, MeAnimal.com domain provisioning certificates etc.

Children's learning game that teaches how to count money (coins and bills). Supports multiple currencies (dollars, euros, pounds) and new types can be added without further programming. As learning advances, child is rewarded with sounds, graphics and feedback messages. Teaching progresses through various levels from small coin amounts to large amounts of coins and bills which must be counted before a timer runs out. Free to play up to level 4 but remaining 16 levels must be unlocked through in-app purchase. Integrated with Chomp.
Released in February 2010
2000 downloads, around 30 purchases, ongoing 350 downloads a month.
Fully approved by Apple, on iTunes. Available with source, provisioning certificate, etc.


Updated Apr 18, 2014

Business utility that alerts you when you lose cell phone coverage. It will alert you when your cell "bars" get too low. You can turn on BarAlarm when you are waiting for a call, and never worry that you will miss it simply because you moved outside of coverage. BarAlarm is the only app to do this; other aps can detect the Wifi coverage but not the actual cell signal strength. Fully approved by Apple, uses unique approach to solve this problem. This app reached the top 20 in the USA and top 10 in a few other countries for nearly a weel right after launch in May 2010. Integrated with Chomp and reviewed nearly unanimously positive. Around 6000 downloads to date.
Available with source, Baralarm.com domain and provisioning certificates.



Updated Jul 05, 2009

4x4 Jam is an all-terrain 4x4 racing game for iPhone, iPod touch and Sony PSP.
The game offers total freedom to race across the varied terrains without any boundaries.
It has unique and highly realistic vehicle physics.

First release date: July 2009.
More than 40.000 copies sold.
More than 200.000 copies downloaded in one day when it was free (freeappaday.com).
About 600.000 copies of the free lite version downloaded.
The app may be purchased with source code as an engine for your own vehicle simulator games.

A huge list of sad break up quotes for broken hearts. Finding the right quote to suit your situation is quiet an easy task with this app. You can find a quote to suit your own personal situation.
The app may be purchased with the source code.


Updated Apr 18, 2014

The best-selling bundle app for iPhone/iPod/iPad. 90 in 1 : APPZILLA was released in March of this year in the Utility category and flew to #2 top paid app in a week's time.

The app has been in the top 25 utilities the majority of the last 4 months. Appzilla has over 300K downloads.

The developer is considering selling the application w/wo source code.

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