The Lungy App for iPhone and Apple Vision Pro is Beautiful2 min read


Mindful breathing is what the Lungy app is about. An innovative app designed to transform your iPhone into a place of relaxation and mindfulness. Lungy is a journey into the art of breathing, developed with medical precision and wrapped in a visuals. This unique app stands out not only for its immersive qualities but also for its compatibility with the cutting-edge Apple Vision Pro, promising an unparalleled user experience.

Lungy (by Pia Health), the app of expert doctors, uses the latest research in breathing techniques, offering you a quick escape from the stresses of daily life. Its unique design lets you witness the magic of your breath in real time, turning each inhale and exhale into a truly unique experience. Imagine seeing your breath animate all on your iPhone screen.


Some key features of the Lungy app:

  • Interactive Exercises: Far from the monotony of typical breathing apps, Lungy engages you in a playful, varied experience with each session.
  • Medical Expertise: Built on a foundation of medical research, Lungy offers curated exercises and educational modules developed by healthcare professionals.
  • Personalized Feedback: After each session, Lungy provides insightful feedback, measuring your progress in unique ways – from the volume of a tennis ball to that of a watermelon.

Lungy lets you choose from over 20 beautiful visuals, each responsive to your breath and touch. You can also buy more exclusive content on Lungy with more visuals, analytics, and even more customization.

Integrating with Apple Vision Pro is especially promising. Whether on iPhone or Apple Vision Pro, Lungy is the perfect app for anybody looking to be more mindful, and for those simply looking for truly unique experiences.

Download Lungy for iPhone here.

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