Apple Card Savings Account Increases to 4.50% APY2 min read


The Apple Card Savings Account, a cornerstone of Apple’s financial offerings, has witnessed a notable increase in its Annual Percentage Yield (APY), now standing at an impressive 4.50%. This recent enhancement, communicated through push notifications to account holders, marks a significant step up from its previous rate of 4.35%.


As a high-yield savings account, the Apple Card Savings Account, which is natively integrated in iOS and on your iPhone, has been on a consistent upward trajectory. Since December, this account has seen three APY rate hikes. Initially, the rate leaped from 4.15% to 4.25%, followed by a jump to 4.35% in early January, and now reaching the current peak of 4.50%. This steady growth trajectory emphasizes Apple’s commitment to providing competitive financial solutions to its customers.

This latest increase places Apple’s offering on an equal footing with other esteemed high-yield savings accounts in the market. Previously, Apple’s rates were comparable to those offered by financial giants like American Express and Discover. Now, with the 4.50% APY, the Apple Savings Account aligns with the rates of Marcus by Goldman Sachs, further solidifying its position as a top-tier choice for savvy savers.


Introduced in April 2023, the Apple Card Savings Account is available exclusively to U.S. Apple Card holders. This unique partnership with Goldman Sachs has opened doors for Apple users to seamlessly merge their tech and financial worlds. Account holders benefit from earning interest not only on their Daily Cash deposits but also on additional personal funds added to the account. With an impressive cap of $250,000 for deposits, Apple ensures that both small and substantial savers can find value and security in their savings strategy.

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