Apple’s Self-Driving Car Allegedly Delayed to 2028 Launch Date2 min read

Apple’s ambitious project to enter the automotive industry, codenamed Project Titan, has been a tale of setbacks and delays. Since its alleged inception in 2015, the project has faced a multitude of challenges, including executive turnover, technological hurdles, and a shift in focus from a fully autonomous vehicle to a more conventional design.

The original vision for Project Titan was to create a groundbreaking, self-driving car without a steering wheel. However, this ambitious goal proved to be unrealistic, and Apple has been forced to scale back its ambitions. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the company is now targeting a 2028 release date for its first electric vehicle, which will offer limited autonomy features similar to those offered by other automakers like Tesla.

While this may be a disappointment to some who were hoping for a truly revolutionary Apple car, it does represent a step forward for the project. The decision to focus on Level 2+ autonomy, which requires drivers to pay attention and be ready to take over, is more achievable and aligns with the current state of the automotive industry.

Apple’s board has reportedly been pushing for a more concrete plan for Project Titan, and the new release date and lowered autonomy specifications could indicate that the company is finally on track to bring its electric vehicle to market. However, there are still concerns about how innovative the final product will be. Some employees have reportedly criticized the plans, suggesting that the Apple car may end up being a mere “me-too product” rather than a true game-changer.

Only time will tell if Apple can overcome its challenges and deliver a truly groundbreaking electric vehicle. However, the company’s continued investment in the project suggests a strong belief in its potential. The journey to an Apple car has been long and fraught with obstacles, but the company may finally be on the verge of making a splash in the automotive industry.

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