Revolutionizing Retail: Apple’s “Tap to Pay” Sets Foot in the UK and Brazil2 min read


In an exciting development for independent merchants and retailers in the United Kingdom and soon Brazil, Apple has extended the reach of its revolutionary Tap to Pay on iPhone service. Launched in February 2022, Tap to Pay offers a game-changing payment solution for small-scale sellers, the lifeblood of the UK’s economy, and large-scale retail enterprises.

Embracing the convenience and security of iPhone technology, Tap to Pay eradicates the need for additional hardware or credit card machines. Using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, the iPhone seamlessly accepts payments from Apple Pay, contactless credit and debit cards, and a variety of digital wallets.


The innovative Tap to Pay system also bolsters its accessibility credentials by supporting PIN entry. According to Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s VP of Apple Pay and Apple Wallet, “Tap to Pay on iPhone has already revolutionized the checkout experience for various businesses, and we’re delighted to further empower UK merchants by providing a secure, easy, and private method for accepting contactless payments.”

In the UK, Revolut and Tyl by NatWest have become the first payment platforms to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone to their business customers, with other major players like Adyen, Dojo, myPOS, Stripe, SumUp, Viva Wallet, Worldline, and Zettle by PayPal set to join the ranks shortly. The feature is also set to debut in Apple Store locations across the UK.

Integrating Tap to Pay is a breeze for sellers. They just need to launch the app, register the sale, and then present their iPhone to the buyer who can proceed with their contactless payment method of choice.

Compatible with iPhone XS models and onwards, Tap to Pay ensures a seamless customer experience akin to any standard Apple Pay transaction.

After successfully introducing Tap to Pay in Australia, Taiwan, and the US, the UK becomes the fourth territory to embrace this transformative payment solution. With the adoption of Tap to Pay, the UK joins a new era of retail transactions that blend power, security, and convenience.

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