Top 6 Anticipated Features of iOS 17 to be Unveiled at WWDC 20232 min read

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With WWDC 2023 just days away, Apple enthusiasts across the globe eagerly anticipate the revelation of iOS 17’s transformative upgrades. This major operating system update is forecasted to come with a plethora of innovative enhancements. While there are purportedly twelve new features expected, we’ve distilled this down to the top six that are creating the most buzz.

  1. Revamped Lock Screen Mode: The lock screen of your iPhone is set for a facelift in iOS 17. Renowned journalist Mark Gurman from Bloomberg shares that this new lock screen will echo the style of a smart home display, offering access to your calendar appointments, weather forecasts, and notifications when your phone is locked and placed horizontally.
  2. Next-Gen CarPlay: Previewed at WWDC 2022, the next iteration of CarPlay promises a more integrated and immersive in-car experience, featuring support for multiple displays and deeper integration with vehicle functions such as climate controls and FM radio. Slated to roll out in late 2023, the iOS 17 launch seems the perfect occasion to expand on this upcoming feature.
  3. Journal App: In competition with apps like Day One, Apple’s new journaling app is set to debut with iOS 17, as per The Wall Street Journal. This feature aims to infuse social elements and note-taking into the iOS ecosystem, enriching the iPhone user experience.
  4. Advancements in Find My App: iOS 17 is set to enhance Apple’s built-in Find My app. Gurman hinted at location services improvements and integration with the new journaling app, although further details remain elusive at this point.
  5. iMessage Contact Key Verification: This advanced security feature, primed for launch in 2023, will fortify messaging security. It’s especially designed for those in the crosshairs of state-sponsored attackers and other potential digital threats. The feature verifies the identities of participants in a conversation, alerting them of any potential breaches.
  6. New Accessibility Features: In an effort to make iOS more user-friendly, iOS 17 will introduce new accessibility features. One such feature is Assistive Access, a simplified mode that limits apps to essential features to lighten cognitive load for users. Also noteworthy is the Personal Voice feature, designed to help those at risk of losing their speaking ability to generate a digital voice that sounds like their own.

While the public beta is expected to be available for members of Apple’s free Beta Software Program (you can sign up here) in July, the full version is likely to be widely released in September 2023, aligning with the traditional new iPhone launch window. As with previous iterations, some features might only make their appearance in subsequent updates such as iOS 17.1 or 17.2. Stay tuned for more exciting details straight from WWDC 2023!

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