The Digital Treasure Hunt: Earn Bitcoin with sMiles Bitcoinverse3 min read


There are many great iPhone apps where you can earn points, miles, shopping coupons, and other loyalty rewards. However, how do you earn Bitcoin, the gold standard of digital assets?

Meet sMiles, an app where you can earn Bitcoin rewards for everyday activities, like walking, shopping, playing games, and doing surveys.



One of the most exciting features of sMiles is the newly launched Bitcoinverse (currently in beta). Reminiscent of the popular game Pokémon GO, Bitcoinverse allows users to accumulate additional Bitcoin rewards by walking to specific, brand-sponsored locations. With this unique blend of gamification and Bitcoin, sMiles has transformed the mundanity of walking into an opportunity to earn Bitcoin.

A New Advertising Model: Advertisers Pay Consumers

The new Bitcoinverse presents an equally lucrative advantage for advertisers. Brands advertising on Bitcoinverse can attract users to their physical locations with a call to action. The sMiles model offers a fresh perspective on advertising that shifts from the traditional paradigms employed by giants like Google and Facebook.

Instead of pocketing ad revenue, sMiles funnels the money back to the users by converting ad dollars into Bitcoin. This direct reward system motivates users to engage more deeply with the advertised brands. A win-win, so to speak.


Lightning Network Integration

The magic doesn’t stop at earning Bitcoin, either. sMiles offers a seamless way to withdraw your Bitcoin rewards. By using the Lightning network, users can easily move their Bitcoin rewards to wallets such as the Wallet of Satoshi.

Using the Lightning Network makes a lot of sense, since sending small Bitcoin rewards would be expensive on the native Bitcoin blockchain (currently $3-5 per transaction, while Lightning is basically free).

Although still in its beta phase, sMiles Bitcoinverse has shown immense promise. It’s a trailblazing idea that mixes everyday activity with digital rewards, encouraging physical movement while nurturing financial growth. In the process, sMiles is redefining the very nature of advertising and user interaction.

Currently, there are only a few other options that enable users to earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies for doing everyday tasks. For example Brave, the browser which pays you for seeing ads with their BAT token, or Slice, a browser extension, which does the same thing but with Bitcoin.

In a Nutshell

sMiles with its Bitcoinverse isn’t just another app, but rather a gateway to an exciting new world where daily activities meet Bitcoin rewards. It is a look into the future where consumers benefit from brands advertising to them. The Bitcoinverse is in your pocket, and your journey to earn Bitcoin has just become more thrilling.You can download sMiles here for free.

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