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Contre Jour for iPhone

Posted in Games on 07 Oct 2011
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contre jour 1Contre Jour for iPhone App Review
Contre Jour is a new release from Chillingo, a developer already connected with great games that sometimes verge on the strange.  Contre Jour does more than verge on strange, it fully crosses that line into a weird and wonderfully artistic universe unlike any you’ve played before.
The main character, Petit, requires your help to get through each level; this help will come in the form of guiding Petit’s through lovely surroundings in order to speed him on his way to each level’s exit.  The landscape presents one part of Contre Jour’s puzzling nature. Aside from the physical puzzles of the game, Contre Jour gives off a mysterious air of its own which is its own puzzle.  Black and grey landscapes, animated with a flowing backdrop for little Petit’s amazing travels.
Contrast is provided by the softly lit, glowing orbs which Petit collects along the way.  And the environment itself, while always portraying the same dreamlike style, offers up some intriguing variety; blue tinted environments with slightly altered physics create an underwater world with ambient lighting, while Petit navigates in the open air, far above the ground from time to time.
To help little Petit, who certainly needs it, since he can apparently only engage in a nearly helpless rolling motion, players must solve the puzzle of navigating each level by creating a Petit-friendly path through its obstacles and pits.  The controls to do so make simple use of the touch screen, leaving players to expend their energy not on complex maneuvers but on mental aerobics.
Contre Jour tries hard to be magical, and it succeeds beautifully in an enchantingly minimalist manner.  Rather than basing its surreal appeal on acid-drenched coloring, Contre Jour seems to be all about subtlety.  Finesse is the name of the game here. Contre Jour is so good at creating its delicate, twilight world that the strangeness seems to disappear; what began as very odd seems normal and beautiful once players are engaged in the game.  The one criticism would be the puzzles themselves—there aren’t enough of them, and because of how few there are, even at the end they don’t provide really significant challenge.  Contre Jour could easily offer twice as many hours of gameplay without worrying about wearing out its welcome.
The really impressive thing about Contre Jour is how each of its elements work together.  The creative design behind the game is top notch, and the animation has a light touch that lets the minimal designs come to life.  The professional score that accompanies Petit is perfectly timed to the game’s visuals, right down to the natural rhythm of Contre Jour’s in-game physics engine.
Contre Jour gives users much more than $0.99 worth of enjoyment.  While I would beg the developers to expand this game in the future, I’d also expect it to come with a higher price tag at that point.  Contre Jour is a doorway into a different world that you don’t’ want to miss out on.

Contre Jour is a new release from Chillingo, a developer already connected with great games that sometimes verge on the strange.  Contre Jour does more than verge on strange, it fully crosses that line into a weird and wonderfully artistic universe unlike any you’ve played before. Read the rest of this entry »

Ruminations: Angry Birds gets passed…Again

Posted in Games, Miscellaneous on 29 Jun 2011
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First The Heist and now Cars 2. It seems like Angry Birds is facing more and more competition, holding steady at the number 2 place on Top Paid Apps instead of the number 1 slot it held for what seemed like forever. I guess it makes sense that another puzzle game with a lot of hype and an app based on an anticipated movie hit should get enough buzz to claim the top rank, but it never fails to surprise me when I don’t see the Birds flying high in their fury. However, this leaves me wondering: will there ever be a non-game app to reign king (especially considering that all of the Top 10 Paid Apps are Games)? Has Angry Birds completely changed the competitive landscape, in particular for paid apps? Will our feathered friends ever lose their flutter, or are they forever destined to be among the top ranks? Where do you see the top trending?

Written by
Allison Wahl

A New Life for Hangman

Posted in Games, Social Networking on 24 Jun 2011
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A mere two weeks after their latest release, Zynga can certifiably say they have another hit. That’s right, Hanging With Friends is already topping charts and hanging the competition. Being the next in a family of highly successful social word games (like Words With Friends), Hanging With Friends certainly has the right pedigree and seems to be asserting its place in the Zynga domain. Like Words, Hanging has you playing multiple games with friends or random opponents alike (whichever you prefer), except this time the game is Hangman — with a twist, of course. The objective is to craft mystery words that your opponent has to decode, all the while attempting to decipher the words your opponent throws back to you. The game comes complete with strategic lifelines for hints, instant replay to see your opponent’s guesses, and of course the cute characters we know and love when turns deplete and peril approaches (although it’s centered around balloons, not nooses, so totally family friendly).

So here’s both the good and bad news: the game is bound to keep you on your toes (well… fingers), provide endless entertainment, and serve as another way to keep in touch or make new Friends. This means it will be yet another addiction to add to the list, and if you’re like me, another realm of competition to obsess over. But worse things have happened.  Zynga: I think I can reasonably say that your games are changing the frontier of how the phone can be used to connect, play, and ponder. I thank you for your Friendly developments and I can’t wait to see what kinds of wordplay will come next!

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iPod Magic

Posted in Games on 14 Jun 2011
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Written by
Allison Wahl

Civilization World: Soon Conquering a Facebook Near You

Posted in Games, Social Networking on 17 May 2011
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There is no doubt that Facebook has had an impact on society as we know it, and now it’s about to take civilization to new levels — Civilization World, that is. The beloved game is expected to reach new heights this summer as it becomes integrated into a social gaming platform on Facebook. As Sid Meier, Civilization’s creator, has said in discussions about this change, the opportunities that Facebook presents in terms of how it connects people and could enable players to engage with Civilization with their extended networks provides a way to re-imagine Civilization and bring it to a more interactive, connected and social sphere. This will also allow the development team to find new ways to approach the classic strategy of the game, and will provide an approach to the fan favorite that takes our current internet culture into account. As a Facebook installation, Civilization will potentially get into the hands of an even wider audience.

Speaking of hands though, what does this mean for mobile? While a Civilization app exists, will the Facebook integration turn it into a social app on mobile devices as well? Will we see people building their civilizations with each other across multiple devices and platforms as well as from many places? As the new title, Civilization World, suggests, there is certainly a new world for the game to conquer, and it is social, mobile, and expanding. What civilizations will Civilization World conquer next?

Written by
Allison Wahl

From Angry Birds to Hungry Penguins

Posted in Games, Kids on 31 Mar 2011
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Following the Angry Birds revolution, Hungry Penguins is the latest addition to physics-based gameplay. The aim is to help three penguins, Blue, Pinky, and G, navigate harsh environments as their food supply dwindles. In order to beat a level, you must bounce all the penguins to safety while avoiding challenging obstacles and gathering all the fish. Of course, the game adheres to realistic, rule-abiding physics and requires you to think ahead with the introduction of features like safety nets, which can be used to the penguins’ advantage, but can also be a cause of their demise. Like Angry Birds, you can only unlock new levels one at a time, after conquering the previous level and earning your penguin partners a nice helping of fish, and also like Angry Birds, Hungry Penguins offers up a nice helping of addicting challenges. Aside from the precious storyline, the retina display compatibility and impeccable graphics ensure that Hungry Penguins is bound to be the next big thing in the help-the-cute-animal-physics-game saga. With Hungry Penguins, you’re not only helping feed your newest, cutest virtual friends, but you’re also guaranteed to feed your appetite for a great new game.

Written by
Allison Wahl

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Viewdle

Posted in Games, Navigation, Photography, Social Networking on 25 Mar 2011
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Following its introduction at recent events like SXSW and CTIA, Viewdle is definitely gaining positive momentum, and its mobile products haven’t even been released! In a nutshell, Viewdle takes face recognition to a new level by recognizing who is in your viewfinder as you snap photos and videos. This best-in-class recognition not only facilitates instant tagging of family and friends, but also enables you to save and use the Faceprints you’ve made whenever and wherever you go. You will be able to access Viewdle with your mobile in the following 3 products, coming soon to the App Store:

ViewdleFaces: This social addition will enable you to automatically tag and share photos to a variety of social networks, including Facebook. Furthermore, you can use pictures from your social networks to create Faceprints.

ViewdlePlaces: Similar to the app above, the Places element will be the first of its kind, enabling you to automatically tag and check-in your friends to Facebook’s “Places” application.

Viewdle Gaming: Viewdle has a game in the works that will be the first ever mobile augmented reality app to be based on real live people. The games will take place within the camera’s viewfinder, and should add and interesting enhancement to everyday interaction.

For more about what Viewdle will do for your mobile and what it can do for your desktop, visit viewdle.com

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