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Mobile App for Home and Office Security Surveillance

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When it comes to home and office security, the cutting edge technology is in video surveillance applications for mobile devices. In fact, many experts have called such apps the fastest growing security solution available in the market. People can use their iOS and Android devices to connect to their security systems remotely, view live camera streams on-the-go, record videos and even get motion detection alerts via email. Mobiscope is one of those apps that make home and business security easier to monitor at any time and from anywhere in the world.

The best choice for small businesses and homeowners

If you look for a simple yet efficient way to secure your property and protect your family, then you need to consider several things to make the best choice. First, there should be some way to alert you when motions were detected. Next, it should be portable enough to run on any smartphone, tablet or laptop. And what’s more important, it should allow you to connect to your security camera system at any time and view live video stream from any location.

Mobiscope app gives you everything you need to keep an eye on entryways of your residence and ensure optimal security in your office. It lets you sync with your remote surveillance cameras over Internet and view real-time video streams.

Mobile App for Home and Office Security Surveillance

Just mobile and webcam

Use your mobile and even ordinary webcam to view your property from your workplace, check on your family and pets at any time, monitor your personnel working at the office, watch your warehouse or whatever else area in your house or place of business.

Peace of mind and security with motion detection

Mobiscope app features a built-in motion sensing capability which automatically sends you push and email notifications when it detects motion events. That means you can go about your business or even get some sleep easy knowing that Mobiscope will keep watching your home or office. Very convenient and reliable solution.

Mobile App for Home and Office Security Surveillance

Stay always aware

Once it detects motion, you will receive an immediate notification and a snapshot, so you can use your iPhone or iPad to read the message and view the camera that detected the motion. To prevent getting alerts triggered by minor motion events, you can adjust the sensitivity level and also set up active areas.

Several camera feeds on one screen

Obviously, using one IP or web camera for home/office security monitoring is not enough. There should be a network of surveillance cameras as well as a convenient way to view them all on one device. Mobiscope supports multiple camera feeds allowing you to view up to 4 cams on your iPhone or iPad at once.

Mobile App for Home and Office Security Surveillance

View and switch with ease

Just tap any of the available video streams on your mobile to view it on the full screen mode and then switch to the next one with one more tap. No doubt, the app makes it easy to watch and switch multiple webcams from mobile.


Mobiscope is a cross-platform app. It is compatible with any mobile device operated under iOS and Android. The software also works fine on Windows and Mac OS X, giving you the ability to use just about any desktop computer or laptop with a connected web camera.

Sign up today for absolutely free and get a 7-day full-featured trial to test the app on your device and see how it works with your IP and web cameras. And everyone in your office or home can connect to your cameras even without iPhone or Android – they just go to Mobiscope web client, enter your cam’s name and view live footage in their browsers.

Mobile App for Home and Office Security Surveillance

Run it on any device

Mobiscope makes it easier to setup and monitor your video surveillance system. Create a remote camera security network with little effort and at low cost. Use your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch as well as any Android-operated device to view remote cams on-the-go at any time.

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