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Mobile video monitoring with Mobiscope app

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Mobile video monitoring with Mobiscope app

Mobiscope app is used for surveilling home and office stuff, monitoring babies, elders, pets and for many other security cases. Additionally, hundreds of free public cams from beautiful places like airports, beaches, roads and sights can be viewed in app. Mobiscope is compatible with iOS, Android and feature phones and is available for free on the AppStore, Google Play and other stores.

Imagine watching online video streams from places you are far from at that moment – living room, warehouse, office, backyard, garage and others. Whether you are on your way to the office or have a long-distance trip, Mobiscope video surveillance app offers an opportunity to have control over everything that matters using any smartphone, tablet or computer at anytime and anywhere.

Mobile video monitoring with Mobiscope app
Mobile video monitoring with Mobiscope app

Affordable and easy to set up

Usually surveillance companies which serve houses and offices organize such hard technical configurations so that customers have no idea how it works at all. What is also confusing about such “assistance” is that if something goes wrong, you have no idea what’s it about and you will have to call them and wait until they come back to fix it.

Mobile video monitoring with Mobiscope app

Mobiscope is a really affordable and easy to set up mobile video surveillance app for iPhone and Android. First, there is no need to overpay for expensive videocams. Second, no need to pay for technical assistance – you can set it up on your own.

Cameras can be added to Mobiscope app very easily by anyone who’s been to Internet and uses a mobile device. Usually mommies and daddies use it for baby monitoring  and watch videos with their laptop’s built-in web-cameras. Business people add dozen of IP cameras and view videos on iPhones and iPads. Travelers check airports and cities they visit by watching free public cams.

Video recording and motion detection alerts

Another great option of the app is that it can record videos, so when, for instance, something is missing in the warehouse, the guilty one will be found very fast.

Mobiscope users may set motion detection alerts. When the app detects motion, they receive Push notification to mobile device and email with enclosed snapshot from the camera. Motion detection notifications are very useful and available in all Mobiscope subscription plans by default.

Extra security of private videos is provided by master-password for the app, so even if the phone is lost, no one can view private videos without knowing the password for the app.

With Mobiscope surveillance app it is possible to view private video streams from IP and USB cameras. There are some recommended cameras on Mobiscope website in order not to get confused by overchoice on different online stores.

Mobiscope subscription plan depends on the amount of cameras which are monitored, some people need to monitor a few cameras, others prefer to connect up to 20 or 40. Subscription plan can be easily upgraded at any time in Mobiscope account settings.

Public Cams

Mobile video monitoring with Mobiscope app

Among 17 categories the most popular public cams are the airports, animals, beaches, cafes and cities. If you have any idea why it is so, please share it in the comments.

Personally I came up with an idea that free public cams are doing a great job for dreamers, achievers and creative people who are travelling a lot and adore to take pics and record videos. So besides monitoring home stuff they will prefer to check places they have already been to or get inspired to visit in future.

So everytime you need to know what’s happening at office, wonder who stops by house, feel bad leaving kids with nannies – use the app in smartphone/tablet and watch all that matters. Use Mobiscope to get emotional security.

Author: anicojan

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