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Smugmug´s Camera Awesome is in fact – Awesome! 

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Daniel Berezovsk
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Smugmug´s Camera Awesome is in fact – Awesome! 

A fresh and quiet new photo app called Camera Awesome, by Smugmug, has really arrived in the Appstore with 4+ million downloads. To accumulate this mass it took Smugmug only a few weeks. The newcomer fits well in the list of other popular photo apps as Camera+ and Instagram. On users request, with the recent update, Camera Awesome threw in the integration of Instagram. In addition you have the ability to share your “awesomized” photos directly to SmugMug, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa as well as Photobucket and Youtube.

The UI of the whole app looks very clean, well thought over and intuitive. Things as the “pinch to zoom” feature prove that. The speed of taking awesome photos is surprisingly quick. In addition Camera Awesome has a new pricing strategy. Instead of paying for up to 30 packs of presets and filters individually, users have the ability to buy all packs at one time for $9.99. Overall Camera Awesome is a great performing photo app, with pro photos and filters.

Download the app for free here.

Check out my photos below:

Smugmug´s Camera Awesome is in fact – Awesome! 
Smugmug´s Camera Awesome is in fact – Awesome! 
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