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Type n Talk

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Released Jun 10, 2010

Updated Mar 27, 2013

Version: 2.7


Type n Talk

Posted in Entertainment on 10 Jun 2010

Written by
Kevin Diep
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I was perusing the app store and in the number one spot on the list of top 25 free apps I discovered Type n Talk.  If you’re sick, mute, or somehow unable to speak, this is the app for you!  Okay, admittedly, that’s not a big market at all. But it can definitely earn its place as the top free entertainment app in the app store (depending on your creativity).

For whatever reason you’re using this app, you start by typing in what you want to say.  Then the app repeats your text with a monotone robotic voice.  The entertainment value comes from whatever you can think of typing into the app.  I tried the “how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop” commercial, but it seemed kind of rushed.  I’m sure you can find something funnier to type in.

I ran into problems trying to type with money signs.  The robot can’t repeat “pound” if you put in the pound symbol or “thirty five euros” if you try typing in the euro sign followed by the number 35.  I also couldn’t find a way to insert pauses between words (I was trying to add a little comedic timing).  All in all, this app isn’t on my list of need-to-buy apps.  However, it is very entertaining and it’s free so who am I to complain?

Type n Talk
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