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Photoshop Apps for the iPhone

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Photoshop Apps for the iPhone

As I previously wrote, the current incarnation of the iPhone has plenty of photo editing and effects applications.  The upcoming iPhone 4G shows incredible potential with the new 5 megapixel camera with LED flash.  This means that upcoming apps are certain to take advantage of the new iPhone’s processing and visual power.  What we’ve seen so far of photo photo editing apps will now be updated and improved upon, giving users even more options and freedom to play around with their photos.  Apps like these will likely open up new means for users to express their creativity and fundamentally alter the way we share our thoughts and ideas.

But with the release of the iPhone 4G still weeks away, the best we can do is to glimpse at what the next generation of apps will look like.  Here are a few specialized photo editing apps that might give us an idea as to what future apps of the sort will look like and how they will work:

Color Splash

Photoshop Apps for the iPhone
Photoshop Apps for the iPhone

With the Color Splash app, users can upload their photos to the app and have the image grayed out.  Once the photo is grayed out you can use the brush tool to fill back in the color which was grayed out.  The brush has different settings for size, opacity, and edge hardness.  There is also the red view mode which allows you to see areas that you have colored in that are to bright to see in the regular display.  This app even comes with a few video tutorials to guide you through the process.

Photoshop.com Mobile

Photoshop Apps for the iPhone

This app is similar to FX Photo Studio in that it changes photos through the use of effects.  However, this app stands out on its own because it utilizes the scrolling capabilites of the iPhone to adjust the degree to which the photo is affected by the particular effect being used.

iPicEd – Edit Photos with Comfort

Photoshop Apps for the iPhone

Another photoshop app, this app stands out because of its combination of the list of effects and the scrolling customization ability.  It’s missing some of the effects in the other apps but brings new ones into the fold, giving it staying power over its competitors along with introducing new possibilities for upcoming apps.  Effects like those in the “deform” category bend and distort the image so that it does not appear in that rectangular form most photos usually take.

Photoshop apps like these can only hint at the kinds of apps we’ll see with the iPhone 4G.  The enhanced details of high resolution pictures and the strength of the new processing chip mean that app developers will be pressed to create new apps that allow for even greater range in user customization and photo effect detail.

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