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Released Apr 17, 2014

Updated Apr 17, 2014


Touch To Give

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Touch To Give

Many websites exist that simply require you to click a button in order to give charity — at no cost to you. How these work is, based the number of clicks each day, a sponsor donates a certain amount of money or resources to the foundation in question. Three of the most popular websites to engage in such charity drives are The Animal Rescue Site, The Breast Cancer Site, and The Hunger Site. Now, with the Touch To Give app, the power of philanthropy is in your hands.

All you do is choose the foundation you would like to give to, and press the button that says “Touch To Give.” The app keeps track of how much you have given to each organization, so you can track your charitability. Additionally, you can see how much Touch To Give has acquired for each organization to date, order gifts and items from the organizations, and find out more information on other ways to campaign and take action.

The only bad thing about the app is there are not more charities to give to. Also, a push feature could come in handy in order to give you daily reminders. Regardless, it is an incredibly honorable app. It makes sure that no one has an excuse not to give back — it is quick, easy, free, and, more importantly, something to smile about at the end of the day. With Touch To Give, you don’t just touch your iPhone; you touch lives.

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